our new class buny

Today we got a class bunny, he is so cute.

Our class bunny has not been out of his cage yet. So he has not been played with.  He also has not been out just hop around to get use to the area. Soon he will be out to play, but our class is a bit busy right now we are working on our science fair. We don’t know if he is fast or slow yet so we cant name him Flash or anything yet.

He is a short hair bunny, he is black. Someone in my class (who had a lot of experience with rabbits) said he looked about a year old. The person with a lot of experience also knew how to tell the rabbits emotion, that was kind of cool too. My class has not named him yet but we all have some ideas like, Thumper, Mr. Hops, Shadow, and Midnight. If I  could name him I would name him Whiskers or maybe flash but only if he is fast.

I was so happy when we got him he is adorable. I wish he was mine. I have a little critter of my own his name is Timothy, I love him so much.  Any way I should go now bye, I hope you have a wonderful day.

P.S. I am sorry I have not posted a lot lately.


Twenty One Pilots

My friend and I LOVE twenty one pilots. If you don’t know who they are I suggest you look them up. they are an AMAZING band. they have so many great songs like, Car Radio, Lane Boy, House of Gold, Stressed Out, and many more too. I love twenty one pilots so much then when i grow up i want to get a tattoo of their sign.


I hope you like Twenty One Pilots, and if you don’t know them please go look them up and listen to a song or two.



We are going to NISS

Today the grade seven’s are going to NISS. We are going on the 10:30 ferry. We are going to NISS because we are making cutting boards.  The Sunset kids are going too, I think. I bet we will have so much fun! The grade sevens who are going are Bradley,Merissa,Lily,Jacob,Lorren,and Dan, Oh and also me.  No teacher is coming, just a parent.  The Grade sevens will have so much fun on our field trip to NISS!!!


this is the cutest painting i have seen in y 12 year old l and this life. Have you ever seen something so cute? I have seen only one dog so cute and her name is Westla.  I could never paint something like he did,Svetlana Novikova. I chose this picture because it is so cute.


On Saturday April the 16th 2016 Randi,Bradley,Melliah,Hilary, and I all went to the carnival Sue took us it was so fun.   when we got there we were looking for their dad and when we saw him Randi Bradley and Melliah and Hilary went to hug him.

Then we went to get our bands and started to go on the rides the first one we went on was the “Yo Yo” I thought it would not be scary but it kinda was I screamed.  Then we went on the Ferris wheel well I did not I was to scared because it goes so high in the sky. then we went to the “Yo Yo” again we went on the “Yo Yo” so much, one time when we were on the “Yo Yo” Melliah grabbed on to my hood and then she was going to let go but then it broke off it was really funny.

We also went into a play house thing it was kinda fun but it was mostly just for younger kids but we did have Hilary with us.  We also saw Riley and Mai. I also met my mom and that was fun. We also went on the hurricane and that was so fun although at first I was scared and then I got used to it.

The carnival was so fun this year I just hope that we can go again next year.

Victoria family trip

This will be about the bast family trip.

This trip has been the best trip.  Sue,Betsy, Molly, and I have been on a trip for Bessy’so grad dress and it is so jaw dropping. To this family Molly is like family to us she is such a good friend to our family. Do you have  a friend like that? Well you can always comment below to answer that.

Today we all went to a avida instatute and Bessy might go there when she graduates it is a hair  dresser shop and buy the looks of it it looks really good.  I am so excited for her I think she will work good at a hair dressing studio, because she has a great personality.


Me and sue when Bessy and molly went to a movie me and sue went to the pool but it was to cold for me so we left. Maybe tomorrow it will be better. I will update you guys more because I have not been on my blog on a long long time. Please leave a comment below.

Jackson Pollocks painting

Have you ever heard of Jackson Pollock? he is a famous painter.

Jackson Pollock’s art work is all splat painting and I like this one it is pretty. I think that he is a good painter and that I could never do something as good as Jackson Pollock even though he was just doing splatter paint but like really good.

This Painting is Called “Jackson Pollock #2”

Jackson Pollock 2




I’ve been in gymnastics for almost my hole life it my most favorite sport in the world.

                                                                   My skills

In gymnastic I can do the splits almost both but not really the middle splits and a hand stand also hand stand pops there really fun.   Last but not least I can do cartwheels both sides.

We run lines at the start to warm up and at the end we do some tag games were if we get caught  by the person who is it then we have to do some thing in gymnastics.

That is all about my gymnastics life.

The Tire Swing Life

A long long time ago I went on A tire swing and after I got off I puked and I have not ever been on one since the other day. It was so fun. I think I like it, in fact I love it. For so so long I was to scared to go on when it may of been the best toy for outside time witch is lunch and recess.


I love love the tire swing and I will go on it tomorrow and the next day and the day after that:).

Have you ever been on a tire swing?

That was all about my tire swing life.  Bye bye for now.